About Le Lille

We create jewelry that elevates your everyday.

Welcome to Le Lille Jewelry, a collection of thoughtfully handcrafted necklaces made with unique and precious gemstones, which carry the properties to heal and empower. Not only is each piece distinctively beautiful, it is meant to bring a sense of harmony, vitality and wellness to your life.

From calming 'water' stones, like Aquamarine and Larimar, to grounding 'earth' stones, including Tiger's Eye and Amazonite, to inspiring 'fire' stones, such as Carnelian and Garnet, each necklace is carefully curated with complementary materials to enhance both meaning and style. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted with attention to high quality details and durability.

Our gemstone necklaces are designed to be dressed up or dressed down, worn alone or layered with our collection of precious metal chains and pendants, and add an uplifting pop of color to your everyday.



Le Lille Jewelry